Faculty of Education

Admission Policy

The Faculty of Education aims to nurture graduates who possess a wide range of knowledge and high communication skills, with “the ability to inquire” and “the power of words” as core concepts. Using such skills, graduates are expected to become teachers with a strong sense of responsibility to contribute to society, as well as to the personal development of the future generation, by actively cooperating with colleagues, parents and the community.

Based on such premises, the Faculty of Education seeks students who have highly motivated and positive thinking like these:
<Our Faculty is seeking people who>
  • Want to contribute to society,
  • Have a great deal of intellectual curiosity and wish to share that knowledge with others,
  • Enjoy cooperating with others to undertake challenging tasks,
  • Act independently and take responsibility for their own behavior.
<Our Faculty expect senior high school students to have>
  • A reasonable degree of basic knowledge and acumen at the senior high school level,
  • An interest in social events and the way the world operates through newspapers and other forms of media,
  • An understanding of the importance of human relationships.
<Basic selection guidelines>
○Entrance examination by a special recommendation for specific or integrated courses is based on :
  • Basic academic knowledge.
○Entrance examination by special recommendation is based on :
  • Grades from senior high school,
  • Demonstration of self-motivation and the ability to achieve goals.
○Entrance examination by recommendation is based on :
  • Senior high school transcript,
  • Basic academic knowledge at the senior high school level.
○The general entrance examination is based on :
  • Academic knowledge at the senior high school level.
○Entrance examination for Returnee Students is based on :
  • Evaluation of their experience of living abroad,
  • Emphasis on the demonstration of a sincere interest in the content of a curriculum for Primary and Secondary Education in Japan and a strong desire to become a teacher.
○Entrance examination for Adult students is based on :
  • Comprehensive evaluation of demonstrated interest in and motivation towards the subject of study, ability to express oneself and an aptitude for in-depth study in the Faculty of Education.
○Entrance examination for International Baccalaureate is based on :
  • Evaluation of logical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and cross-cultural understanding.