Primary Education

Primary Education

Department of

Practicum-type classes for enrichment, including “Exploration Seminar” Develop elementary school teachers who can offer quality instruction in ICT and science.

Essential points of the Department of Primary Education

Students deepen self-study through practicum-type classes, including “Exploration Seminar.”
Develop the teaching skills required for today's classroom, including instruction in science, ICT, etc.
Expand communication skills through volunteer activities.

What is required for future elementary school teachers is the “ability to teach science” and conduct classes effectively by utilizing “ICT (information and communication technology).” Elementary school teachers generally teach all subjects individually; however, teachers without a strong foundationl knowledge of science are increasing. This Department strives to foster and enhance project-type classes, including “Exploration Seminars,” which develop helps prospective teachers gain the “ability to teach science” and the “ability to teach utilizing ICT” through focused self-study. “Education volunteering,” where students participate in exchange activities with people outside of the University, enables students to improve their communication skills. We train our students to become experts in elementary school education who will play active roles within school systems.