Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Department of

Japanese Education Course

An education covering a wide range of fields in modern Japanese studies, Japanese and Chinese classical studies. Our department trains students to become high school teachers who can teach Japanese studies effectively.

Essential points of the Department of Secondary Education, Japanese Education Course

Curriculums cover all areas of Japanese education.
Recognize “Japanese as a language” through relativizing English.
Improve communication skills through practium-type classes.

This course features “development of all-round teachers of Japanese studies who  excel at any field related to Japanese education.” Students learn about Japanese education covering a wide range of fields in modern Japanese, Japanese and Chinese classics, and acquire methods to teach Japanese effectively. Students are exposed to different areas and a higher level of general versatility. Several subjects common to the English Education Course  such  as  “Modern  People  and  Language”  and “Comparative Language Cultural Theory” are offered. We develop teachers who can understand “Japanese” as a “language,” from the larger perspective of the relationship between English and Japanese. In addition, we aim at developing active teachers of the Japanese language through activities based on experience as educational volunteers.