Reasonable and delicious! On-Campus cafeterias with a diverse menu.

Cafeterias can be found at different locations around OUS campus. Whether it is for lunch, after class, or just taking a break from studies, the cafeterias offer the perfect environment for alone time or hanging out with classmates.

* Prices and menu items: as of March 2014

Dining Hall Rela

Opened April 2016
Dining Hall Rela is a food-court style cafeteria that offers a wide selection of dishes for health-conscious students that opened in April 2016.
Seating capacity: 260 

The Halal Restaurant

The Halal Restaurant opened in 2016 to give our growing Muslim student population a place to enjoy food that adheres to strict Islamic dietary laws in a relaxing atmosphere. Non-Muslims are welcome to enjoy the specially prepared cuisine.
Open Hours: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday (except during extended vacation periods).


1st floor of Building C3

A spacious cafeteria with a glass wall providing an open atmosphere. Often used used for social gatherings of lab research groups and events.
Seating capacity: 554

Cafeteria RuRuPa

This cafeteria serves curry as its specialty on B1 Floor of Building C8. There many toppings to choose from.


1st Floor of Sky Terrace

Specializing in udon (noodles). Two sizes: Regular: ¥150, Large: ¥200. Toppings include various types of tempura. Other menu items include rice balls and curry.

Ramen House

1st Flr of Building D1

Offers 7 types of ramen, including salt-based, soy-sauce-based and tonkotsu (pork broth). Vegetable ramen is popular among female students.


1F of Sky Terrace

Everything served in large portions! Homemade-style  “curry ramen” (¥280). Manshoku's original dish made with thin noodles. Curry-rice bowl can be sized-up to extra-large for an additional 50. Udon at 200 and other low-price selections makes Manshoku a popular spot for students.


1F of Sky Terrace

Opened in 2012, reasonably-priced dishes prepared and served with a focus on taste. Offers a versatile menu from simple rice bowl dishes to a somewhat extravagant meal selection.

Gakuen Shokudo

1F of Second Education Building

A large school cafeteria frequented by both university and high school students. An assorted menu, including set meals and noodles. To-go lunch boxes also available.
Seating capacity: 300

Peace 15

This school cafeteria is well-known for its original spicy karaage (deep-fried chicken). Menu includes set meals, rice bowls and curry-rice. Open terrace seating creates a charming atmosphere.

Station One

A cafe-style cafeteria offering a wide variety of dishes including curry and zaru-udon (thick noodles with a side bowl of a soy-sauce based broth) (¥360). Though located in a basement, there is an excellent view of the campus.


A shop selling a variety of handmade box lunches and beverages.

OUS Imabari Campus Cafeteria

There is a cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building which is open to the public and receives many visitors daily.
Seating capacity: 400


There is also an open cafe, where teachers and students can sit and chat in a relaxed atmosphere.