Career Center

Reasons for High Employment Success Rate at Okayama University of Science

Career Center

Completely manages employment and graduate school advancement information for your future career. Compiles recruitment information for all companies into one career database.

Education and Development Support Division

Supports acquisition of qualifying licensure such as teacher’s license and museum curators.

Employment Committee Members of Department and Tutors (Research Laboratory)

Instructors from each department have detailed understanding of the national job market in detail provide advice and guidance to students.

Support 01
Instructors and Career Center support students

All employment information are accessible on PCs and smartphones.

Students obtain employment support information, including companies and recruitment information, status of employment of graduates and company guidance information by PC and smartphone. Information is available in real-time. Parents/guardians also have access.

Employment opportunities tailored to each student's academic performance.

This system was introduced in 2009 to offer a detailed understanding of each student’s employment potential. Records include participation in company explanation meetings and interviews, Details of employment interviews are stored and shared between students, parents/guardians, instructors, and the Career Center.

Transmitting and receiving information through the email system.

Students have access to their job searches during the holidays (Saturdays, Sundays, and long vacations). An email system has been set up for real-time information transmission. The university’s email system features a rapid response update function that allows students to smoothly continue employment search activities from anywhere.

Support 02
Complete support from enrollment to post-graduation

Starts from guidance at university entrance

In order to improve job search awareness from university Day 1 as a new student, support programs are put in place from 1st year to 4th year. A step-by-step support system prepares students for a stress-free job search experience.

Career Support Handbook for increasing understanding

Okayama University of Science publishes and distributes an informative career support handbook to all students each year. It summarizes the guidance process and is useful when scarching for employment.

Actively supports employment of graduates

The system allows graduates to access employment support information at any time upon registration. The number of recruiting companies totals more than 1,800 for graduates and the content is useful and continuously upgraded. Similarly, the university includes a backup system for international and graduate students.

Support 03
Individualized support for each student

For employment information, visit the Career Center first.

Career Center corners include employment consultation, employment search information on PC, books, employment materials related to each company organized by head office location and past employment tests, allowing students access to view tests taken by previous graduates.

Support in collaboration with Departments

Tutors (after assignment to research laboratories, seminar advisors), who give study support starting from 1st year, and multiple Employment Committee Members offer guidance and instruction on future careers. Instructors offer advice and counseling to students while getting to know them over the course of their university life and understanding their individual dreams and abilities.

Continuously fine-tuning the system to match student needs

To ensure employment success that matches students’ learning strengths, it is necessary to build an individualized employment support profile for each student. The university is attentive to the needs of students and continues to pursue useful employment support.

The university’s employment support promotion program “Buildup of an accelerated and systematic employment support system at a local science and engineering university” has been recognized as an excellent program.