Department of

Creating a new future for human society and animals through an extensive approach in studies of ecology, conservation, and breeding

Essential points of the Department of Zoology

Approaches to wildlife from the perspective of ecological science, behavioral science and genetics.
A curriculum in which students can learn about the conservation of endangered animals and countermeasures required to reduce danger to birds and other animals.
Only requirement for graduation: research. Students can learn freely, indulging in their interests.

Today, Japan is experiencing an unprecedented pet boom. Most households in Japan have pet. However, many farmers have lost their livelihoods because of wildlife. Also, some indigenous animal species have become extinct. Zoonotic diseases such as avian influenza are on the rise. Given such current situations, Okayama University of Science, Department of Zoology, with an aim to build new relationships between humans and animals, train students to acquire practical skills to advance this endeavor by teaching a wide range of fundamental subjects, such as anatomy, physiology, and ecology, and through hands-on fieldwork and experiments in studies of animal resource science and animal conservation.