Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

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We provide exceptional opportunities to learn the basics of modern mathematics and its applications. We also offer certification for teaching mathematics at junior and senior high schools in Japan.

Essential points of the Department of Applied Mathematics

Well-designed curriculum in pure and applied mathematics
Strong teacher-training programs (9 students passed the 2015 Japanese Teaching Staff Examination)
Extensive courses in information mathematics, enriched by a comprehensive computer facility

Every workplace in modern society, there is an increasing demand for expertise in mathematical thinking and computer skills. Our department is strongly commited to offering students instruction and hands-on research training in pure and applied mathematics to meet those demands. We design our curriculum for students to attain expanded knowledge from basics to advanced in each field of mathematics; including, algebra, geometry, analysis, probability theory, statistics and computer science. We also offer teacher-training programs in mathematics and information technology, with the professional support from our faculty members specialized in Japanese secondary education. Every year, about 55% of students receive teaching certificates, and about 15% of them pass the Prefectural Japanese Teaching Staff Examination. The department has its own research library to encourage students’ independent study, and an exclusive computer facility for students to get a practical training in computer-related courses.