Applied Science

Applied Science

Department of

Study and knowledge by the two wheels of fieldwork and laboratory work, aiming at balanced educators and researchers.

Essential points of the Department of Applied Science

Developing teachers and human resources who excel at science and mathematics.
Curriculums focusing on hands-on skills.
A teaching certificate in mathematics, science and information can be simultaneously achieved.

In order to solve urgent social issues related to energy, environmental pollution and global warming, it has become increasingly necessary to flexibly apply diverse knowledge, ways of thinking and methods beyond the framework of specialized fields. In this Department, students gain knowledge in the fields of mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and modern pedagogy. We develop human resources who can conduct research across fields and teachers who possess leadership and instruction skills. We have created a “General Science Course,” that allows students to broadly study science; and a “Science and Mathematics Teachers Course,” allowing students to aim at acquiring a teaching certificate in elementary school, junior high or high school education. Both courses enable students to acquire skills and knowledge through the two wheels of fieldwork and laboratory work while incorporating practical coursework; including trial lessons at junior high schools.