Department of

Addressing issues of modern society, significantly contributing to the development of new materials and new energy.

Essential points of the Department of Chemistry

Development of organic chemicals that are useful in daily life through chemistry and biology.
Exploring new possibilities toward solving environmental and energy problems.
Students may choose to enter the “Special Research Program” in their 3rd year for early assignment to Research Laboratories.

As all substances are composed of atoms and molecules, advancements in chemistry significantly impact any field of endeavor. This Department studies new materials such as superconductive materials and functional materials as well as the environment, resources, energy and organic pharmaceuticals in order to develop an progressive society in terms of chemistry. In order to develop knowledge and the ability to address issues of modern society, we have introduced a three-course system “Bio-Organic Fine Chemical Course,” “Environmental Analysis Course” and “Material Science Course.” Students can choose the “Special Research Program” that assigns students to research laboratories from their 3rd year, according to their desires and academic performance.