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Information Science

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The Department of Information Science will expand its program and become the Department of Information Science and Engineering in the new Faculty of Information Science and Engineering in April 2022.
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Developing human resources in various fields with students who excel at scientific mathematics and information and are well acquainted with digital games, big data, and mobile computing.

Essential points of the Department of Information Science

Learn wide-ranging production skills related to digital game software.
Challenge development of applications for smartphones and tablets.
Learn how to analyze and research information.

Nowadays, enormous amounts of information are exchanged on the Internet, and it is essential to analyze that information and construct effective and efficient systems correctly. The Department of Information Science started the “Large Data Course” in 2017, an addition to the existing three major courses of “Digital Media,” “Web/Mobile,” and “Information Mathematics.” Students learn the latest information technology and information science basics and acquire methods to put them to use for society and information analysis/research. The Department of Informational Science trains future digital content developers not only for entertainment; but also for welfare and education; data scientists who will play an active role in industries; software developers for mobile devices such as smartphones; information analysts for large data; and mathematics educators.