Department of

To build a safe and comfortable environment through a comprehensive, skill-based curriculum covering the basics of architecture all the way to practical application.

Essential points of the Department of Architecture

High rate of employment by public agencies and companies in the field of construction.
Curriculum enabling students to take all subjects required for acquiring licensure as first-rate architects.
State-of-the-art experimenting facilities to research quake-resistance and comfortable environment.

Architecture is the foundation of the advancement of culture, as well as the integration of engineering and art. With the endeavor to solve issues such as preserving the natural environment, students acquire knowledge and skills that correspond to diversified needs from the perspectives of users and daily life. The Department focuses on an “education of touch by one’s own hands” through experiments on the environment and structures at on-campus facilities, joint experiments with local construction and materials companies. We offer students enhanced practical studies along with support for taking certified architect examinations and improving expertise through two separate courses: “Construction Engineering Course” and “Living Design Course” according to the desired future career of students.