Biosphere-Geosphere Science

Biosphere-Geosphere Science

Department of

The earth as an expansive museum with focus on fieldwork and tackling topics such as the environment and biodiversity.

Essential points of the Department of Biosphere-Geosphere Sciences

Focus on fieldwork and ensuring sufficient time for field activities.
Students learn across a wide range of fields from science to literature.
Six highly professionalized courses are offered.
Students can select their own sub-courses.

The global environment has changed along with the evolution of living organisms. Our understanding of the universe and the inner earth continues to advance. These are all subjects of study within this Department. We develop the skills of students to discover and solve problems for themselves, through analysis of information obtained by experiments and experience, including field observations and research by touching subjects by hand. In order to deepen each student’s field of study, we offer six courses on “Plants and Horticulture Science,” “Animals and Insects Science,” “Geography-Archaeology,” “Geo-Meteorology,” “Cosmology” and “Dinosaurs and Paleontology.” Students learn across various fields. After graduation, students can expect to work in the private sector or in local governments as environment professionals, in regional affairs and weather-related organizations. We also focus on supporting acquisition of qualifications as educators and museum curators.