Support facilities

Okayama University of Science features well organized facilities and services on campus.

25 Building C1
 The Building was built to commemorate the  40th Anniversary of Okayama Univerisy of Science.
 It offers following facilities.

   - Career Support Center???             7 floor
   - Certification Support Office         6 floor
   - Health Management Center             6 floor
   - Study Support Center                 5 floor   
   - Global Education Development Center  4 floor
   - Fitness Gym                          3 floor

   Career Support Center (7 floor)
   Career Support Center provides career counseling, job search, guidance in choosing a career 
   to support students career development, and to realize the desired career.?

   Certification Support Office (6 floor)
   Certification Support Office provides Lite certification suoport such as teaching certificates 
   in Elementary, Jounior High, High Schooland Obtained a curator's certificate. 

  ?Study Support Center (5 floor)
  ?Study Support Center provides a range of services to support your studies.
  ?Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Math, English, Chemistry, Physics, Science and Geophysics

  ?Global Education Development Center (4 floor)
  ?Global Education Development Center provides information for study abroad, international exchange events.

   Fitness Gym (3 floor)
   Fitness Gym opens Monday to Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm