President’s Message


President Yasunobu Yanagisawa


a rewarding student life in an uplifting environment


Okayama University of Science (OUS) has 6 Faculties as Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Informatics, Faculty of Biosphere-Geosphere Science, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Management and 4 Graduate Programs as Graduate Program of Sciences, Graduate Program of Engineering, Graduate Program of Informatics and Graduate Program of Biosphere-Geosphere Science. And the university has about 6,000 students.

Our basic scholastic policies are “a unique and compelling research” and “an uplifting stimulating educational experience.” State-of-the-art research is conducted daily in all fields at our research facilities, laboratories and off-campus sites. Education backed by research is central to OUS education. I would like all of you to challenge yourselves to discover, to build problem-solving techniques in this environment, and to improve your “ability to apply knowledge when using technology” and “develop the ability to think independently and use judgment logically.”

When you enter society, you will require a broader range of knowledge and abilities. For example, the “ability to convey your opinions in an easy-to-understand manner,” the “ability to accept differences in opinions and ideas”, the “ability to cooperate with others” and the “ability to work and engage with others in the spirit of teamwork.” These abilities will be essential to working well with others. In order to improve such abilities, it is necessary to build experience when working with people regardless of whether they study in the same department or not.

The educational goal of OUS Faculties and Departments for you, our students, is to become model professionals upon graduation. We aim for this by building systematized curriculums and an environment that will encourage you to do “what you want to do” aiming at “what you want to be” in the future. In addition to regular learning activities, we continue to improve programs for activities outside of our curriculums including extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, long-term outside internships, and study abroad. You will grow tremendously by actively taking up these activities positively and independently.

I want you to push your potential to the maximum extent in this fulfilling environment under the instruction of enthusiastic faculty. For that purpose, please enter through the gates of the Okayama University of Science. A new world of study will open in front of you.