Intensive Japanese Language Program Student

The Okayama University of Science Japanese Program was established in April, 2010 and provides Japanese education courses for international students. Taking advantage of the fact that the Program is operated on the Okayama University of Science campus, the Program collaborates with the University to support students seeking future enrollment at the University. Since students of the Okayama University of Science Japanese Program mainly aim to enroll at Okayama University of Science, the Program provides introductory mathematics courses and information science courses that would support each student’s potential for enrollment at a science university.

International Event

January 16, 2018 26731579_1750174578360131_112414903645243359_n An event took place for New Year’s games and calligraphy. Like every year, students from the Faculty of Education at Okayama University of Science took many months to plan and prepare for this event. The students in the Intensive Japanese Language Program had a very good time. Look up Facebook of the Global Education Development Center for more info.