Exchange Program

Overseas Studies, Short-Term Exchange Study


OUS offers training programs which allow students to attend overseas sister schools and learn language and culture as part of international exchange. Students interested?in these programs can?find out more below.

Students who have completed an overseas training program can apply for transfer?of credits (some may not be tranferable).


U. S. A (Summer)

Wright State University

This program runs approximately three weeks at Wright State University, located in Dayton Ohio the first university OUS began its overseas program, in the United States. Dayton, Ohio is the hometown of the Wright Brothers who were the first to successfully achieve manned motor flight and the namesakes of the university. In this training program, students can experience homestay and take English language courses.

The University of Findlay

This program runs approximately three weeks. The University of Findlay is located in Findlay, a quiet city in the state of Ohio. Students will experience university and home life in the United States.


Brazil (Summer)

Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana and the Universidade Federal do Parana
This program runs approximately three weeks in Federal do Parana. Students learn Portuguese, and Brazilian culture. The major difference from other programs is that students stay with their host families throughout the period of the program. The short trip to the famous “Iguassu Falls” is very popular.

Taiwan (Spring)

Chihlee University of Technology Students learn Taiwanese culture and participate in exchanges with students of Chihlee University of Technology. Students visit the Palace Museum, an edifice of the world culture in Taipei. The program runs approximately?two weeks.

Korea (Summer)

Hoseo University Students learn the Korean language and participate in cultural activities with students at Hoseo University and visit Namdaemun Market, the Korean Folk Village and the Blue House, etc. Students stay with their host families.

Short-term Exchange Study

  • One student is eligible to?study for one?year at The University of Findlay with?a scholarship and?receive tuition exemption in exchange with the three universities of Kake Educational?Institution.


  • OUS offers one-year exchange programs with tuition exemption?at?Hoseo University (Korea), Northeast Normal University (China), College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University (China) and the Chihlee Institute of Technology (Taiwan).


Overseas programs may be suspended due to political situations or epidemics, and other unforeseen events.

For more Information, inquire at the International Affairs Office.


International Affairs Office (2F of No. 9 Building) +81-86-256-8418

Globa Education Development Center (4F of C1 Building)