Educational Research Center

Research Facilities and Educational Environment Upgraded Research Facilities and Educational Environment

Essential facilities and environment are necessary for research. Okayama University of Science offers cutting-edge research facilities and equipment and materials in each field.

The university supports student study and research in a perfect educational environment.

Kake Medical Science Education Center

Fully equipped with specialized medical equipments used at clinical siteA training facility to develop clinical engineers.

This is a training facility where students learn the practical skills of clinical engineers. This facility is equipped with an artificial heart-lung machine, an artificial dialysis equipment, and other medical devices.

It also serves as a meeting room and a library with current materials for specialized study and research. Joint training sessions with other universities are also held here.


Clinical Engineering Practice Room

This room is equipped with artificial respirators, electric scalpels, used in ICUs and operating rooms of medical facilities. All equipment is the same as that used at clinical sites to enhance learning of the basic skills required for clinical engineers.


Basic Medical Practice Room

This room is equipped with scientific analysis devices and multi-functional microscope systems and other related equipment. Basic medical practices, including component analysis in living organisms and cell classification by morphology, are incorporated into learning for future clinical engineers.

Research Institute of Technology

This specialized facility where state-of-the-art research in 5 fields is conducted, aims at development of science technology and regional contribution

Specialized facilities where state-of-the-art research in 5 fields is conducted


This state-of-the-art research facility aims at development of science technology in the fields of bioengineering, environmental engineering, mechatronics, environmental energy and advanced material engineering. It is open to the region and industry-academia research that focuses on medical equipment, life support robots, electric vehicles and innovative processing technology utilizing new functions.


N2O-in-Water Automatic Continuous Measurement Device

This is a measurement device of dinitrogen monoxide (N2O), used for research related to global warming. It can automatically and continuously measure the concentrations of dinitrogen monoxide contained in water.


Research Institute of Natural Science

This research institute of natural science mainly conducts research and promotion of each project and holds information and development seminars and events.

An institute promoting projects in the three fields of geoscience, physics/chemistry and archaeology.


It strives to develop specialized fields through joint research with researchers of the university and outside researchers. The Institute also holds information and development seminars and events on natural science, including symposiums and observation meetings for ordinary citizens.


UV Pulse Laser Gas Extractor

A device which applies a pulse of 4ns on the surface of minerals with a diameter of 10μm to extract gas from minerals. We can determine the age distribution of fine parts in the specimen.


Gas Mass Spectrometer for Dating

A device which separates atoms having the same chemical properties but different mass (isotope), using the force of a magnetic field. This can measure rare gas such as helium and neon and is used for age analysis of rocks and meteorites.


Kake Educational Institution: Animal Life Education Center

A life and animal general practice center with experimental water tanks for preferred environmental water

This is a research and experiment building for life and animals with large water tanks of 140t. In ?five large water tanks, breeding experiments on bluefin tuna, puffer fish and eel are performed. The center is operated as a practical research center for The Third Water. In the building, there are practice rooms and multi-purpose class rooms, which are used for research and practical training inside and outside of the university.


Research Instruments Center

A management center with state-of-the-art equipment and devices supporting a wide range of research activities inside the university and at outside institutes.


This is a joint-use facility equipped with various specialized equipment and devices for surface analysis, internal molecular structure analysis, biopolymer analysis and mass spectrometry. In addition to equipment management, it supports preparation of specimen and machine operation. The center supports research activities inside and outside the university.


Direct Atomistic Observation Using Transmission Electronic Microscope

An electronic microscope which can observe atoms found in substances and their arrangement. It is also mounted with a device to obtain information on bonding electrons, which is used for development and research of nanotechnology.


Electron Spin Resonance Device

Utilizing the phenomenon of electron spin resonance, this device measures unpaired electrons in molecules and atoms. It is used for data and research on the removal of active oxygen.


X-ray Structural Analysis Device

By radiating X-rays on a single crystal of a substance and measuring the diffraction intensity of X-rays from the crystal, the device analyzes the crystal structure of the substance. This device can emit the world’s brightest X-rays, which makes it possible to analyze crystal structures using a single crystal structure of a very small size (about 0.07mm).


Time-of-Flight Measurement Type Mass Spectrometer

When a laser is irradiated on a sample, the sample gasifies/ionizes (matrix support laser separation ionizing method). This device induces ions in an electric field and measures the time of flying a certain distance, and the mass of the sample is measured. This device supports research over a wide range of fields. It easily conducts biomarker searches of living organism tissue sections and imaging analysis of tissues, etc.

Mechanical Processing Center

This is a training facility for mechanical processing where professional technical staff are stationed and provide instruction.


This is a training facility for mechanical skills used for classes of the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering and the Department of Intelligent Mechanical Engineering. Various machines such as lathes and milling machines and welding tools, which are used for processing metal parts, are installed. Skilled staff provides instruction on practical processing skills.


NC Processing Lathe

This machine processes cylinder shape parts by numerical data. It corresponds to materials with a diameter of up to 49cm and a length of up to 125cm. It can process materials at a precision of 1μm.


CNC Milling Machine

This machine processes cubic shape parts by computer control. It is equipped with cutting processing equipment with three axes of X, Y and Z, and can cut complicated planes and arcs.

Information Processing Center

Equipped with 480 PCs

Supports study in advanced information facilities.


It has five practice rooms in three buildings. Students can freely use these rooms not only during classes, but also during times other than classes and on holidays (on Saturdays and during long vacations). ?Wireless LAN access points have been installed across the university to provide an information education environment so that access to the Internet is available on demand.

Practice Room in Building No. 11



Libraries are established at three places of the university.

The university has three library facilities. This research environment has 470,000 books to support students.


The university has libraries in Building No. 10, No. 11 and No. 21. In total, there are more than 472,000 books, journals and magazines related to science and the humanities. In the study room of the library, separate individual desks are available in addition to large desks.


Library in Building No. 11

This 3-floor library is mainly dedicated to science and engineering materials. It is also equipped with a large study room and a space for playing DVDs and CDs.