School Cafeteria

Reasonable and delicious! School Cafeterias with an assorted menu.

School cafeterias with assorted menus can be found at different locations around the university. For lunch, after class and when taking a break from studying…

The time spent with fellow students will enrich your university life.

*Prices and menu items: as of March 2014





1F of Building No. 20

This is a glass-walled school cafeteria with an open atmosphere. With 554 seats and a large airy space, it is used for research laboratory friendship parties and events.

Popular Menu

No. 1 Karaage set meal

No. 2 Torimeshi (Chicken on rice) \390

No. 3 Katsu-don (Pork cutlet on rice)




Peace 15

This school cafeteria is well-known for its original spicy karaage (deep-fried chicken). Menu includes not only set meals but also rice bowl dishes and curry and rice. Open terrace seating commands a nice view.

No. 2 Karaage bowl

No. 3 Karaage curry




Ramen House

This school cafeteria offers 7 types of ramen noodles, including salt, soy-sauce and tonkotsu (pig bone soup) type. The ramen set many can be changed to healthy vegetable ramen popular among female students.

No. 2 Fried rice

No. 1 Half-size ramen and half-size fried rice

No. 3 Barbecued pork ramen





Every dish is a large portion! Home-made style “curry ramen” (\280) goes perfectly with thin noodles and the original taste of this cafeteria. Curry and rice bowl dishes made extra-large for an additional \50. Udon at \200, and low prices are also the reason for this spot’s popularity.

No. 1 Pork cutlet curry

No. 3 Oyako-don (Chicken and egg on rice)



Station One

This is a cafe style cafeteria which offers a wide variety of dishes including curry and udon in addition to the popular “salt-sauce bowl” (\360). Although it is in the basement, the location is excellent offering a view of the campus.



Opened in 2012, Grand Kitchen serves dishes with particular attention to ingredients under the motto “delicious foods at reasonable prices.” Offers an assorted menu from popular rice bowl dishes to a somewhat more extravagant set meal selection.

1F of Sky Terrace


Gakuen Shokudo

This is a large school cafeteria with 300 seats, commonly used with annexed high school students. An assorted menu, including set meals and noodles. It also sells box lunches such as “Karaage bento” (\420).

1F of Second Education Building



Specializing in udon (noodles). Great Taste?(Ordinary: \150, Large: \200). Toppings include tempura and other menu items include the always popular rice balls and curry.

1F of Sky Terrace



A shop selling a variety of handmade box lunches and beverages.


The halal restaurant

The halal restaurant can be enjoyed by people who are not Muslims and do not adhere to Islamic dietary laws including students, teachers, staff and the general public. The halal restaurant is open from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on weekdays (excluding extended holiday periods).


Dining Hall Rila

Dining Hall Rila is a “healthy” themed cafeteria-style restaurant that opened in April 2016. A food court is annexed to the 260-seat space, and the cafe menu also offers a wide selection.