OUS Teaching Daisho Seiki Corporation


From June to September, students from the Okayama University of Science's Japanese Language Education Course in the Faculty of Education held an "On-site Japanese Class" at Daisho Seiki Corporation in Kurashiki City. In this "On-site Japanese Class," the students visited Kurashiki City to provide Japanese language classes to foreign technical intern trainees enrolled at Daisho Seiki and supported safe communication at its factory.

Daisho Seiki has foreign workers, including technical intern trainees from Indonesia and Vietnam. To help them work safely and effectively at the factory, we provided specialized Japanese language training tailored to their needs.

Before classes began, our students visited Daisho Seiki to research the technical terminology and expressions the intern trainees need for their training and in the field. Afterward, they prepared their lesson plans based on the information they gathered. The students conducted the classes in a hybrid format, with two students on location at the head office in Kurashiki and another factory connected via video call. We incorporated games to make the classes as engaging and enjoyable as possible for the technical intern trainees who attended the classes after work or before the night shift. We also created original study materials to help them review after class.

Since OUS students do not have any opportunities to interact with students other than international students and Japanese language learners studying at overseas universities, this teaching experience was a valuable opportunity for them to discover the diverse needs and learning environments for Japanese language study.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone at Daisho Seiki Co. for their cooperation and the active participation of the learners.

OUS Teaching Daisho Seiki Corporation

Preliminary Research at Daisho Seiki Corp. Factory

OUS Teaching Daisho Seiki Corporation

In Class

OUS Teaching Daisho Seiki Corporation

With Technical Intern Trainees