Continue to Challenge and Change the World!


Continue to Challenge and Change the World!

Dr. Fell at OUS High School Graduation Ceremony

University of Findlay President Dr. Kathrine Fell delivers congratulatory speech at OUS High School graduation ceremony.

On March 1, President Katharine Fell of the University of Findley in Ohio, a sister school of Kake Educational Institution, visited Okayama and attended the Okayama University of Science High School graduation ceremony, where she delivered a congratulatory speech. She later toured the Dinosaur Museum and other facilities on the OUS campus. She also met with the OUS Global Center staff.

At the graduation ceremony attended by 250 graduating students and their parents, Dr. Fell said, "Kake Educational Institution’s founding philosophy includes the phrase, 'to nurture human resources who can contribute to society. Please keep in mind that "society" refers not only to the community in which you live, but also to the world. I hope you will continue to take on challenges, maximize your abilities, and make a difference in the world.”

Very exciting! / Impressed by the Dinosaurology Museum
Shinobu Ishigaki, director of the OUS Dinosaur Museum, took Dr. Fell and other visitors on a tour of the exhibits on the first and third floors of Building C2. After seeing the head of a Tarbosaurus, specimens of Protoceratops from juvenile to subadult and adult, and a full-body skeleton of Prestosuchus, which OUS students assembled for their graduation research, President Fell said, "It's very exciting. I was impressed to hear that students were doing this for their research. It's wonderful."

Continue to Challenge and Change the World!

At OUS Dinosaur Museum