Online Talk with Overseas Japanese Language Teacher


On Tuesday, December 13, students enrolled in the Inquiry Seminar III class of the Japanese Education Course in the Faculty of Education had an online discussion with Dr.Davaa Oyungerel, who taught Japanese at the National University of Mongolia, and is now working for Emory University – Mongolia Campus. Dr. Oyungerel spoke about her experience studying at a Japanese graduate school, choosing a topic for her doctoral dissertation, and teaching Japanese in Mongolia. She talked about how the questions she had through her own Japanese language study experience became the theme of her doctoral thesis and the educational philosophy she values when teaching Japanese.

After the discussion, students commented on wanting to teach a class that encourages students to think critically through language acquisition. Also, they sympathized with the idea that languages are not just communication tools; each language has its unique background and that words are not easily translatable from one language to another.

Through opportunities to talk with Japanese language teachers, we would like to consider the skills in teaching Japanese and the educational philosophy and attitude in language teaching.