2nd Global Center English Speech Contest


On Wednesday, November 30, the Global Center held the second Ridai GC English Speech Contest in the Presentation Room of Building A1. This year's contest was held in person and online. This year, there were five contestants, ten in-person audience members (faculty and staff), and 47 online audience members.
The contestants gave a 2- to 3-minute speech on a topic of their choosing under the theme "My Question." After each presentation, the contestants had a brief Q&A session with the audience about their chosen topics to demonstrate their English language skills.
The contest results are as follows:
Intermediate Level
4th Place:  Aoi Tatsumi, "Why Do I Want to Go Abroad?"

3rd Place:  Sakura Nishino, "Why Are People Different?"

2nd Place:  Le Huynh Khanh Van, "How Has Da Nang's Tourism Industry Recovered and Developed During the COVID-19 Pandemic?"

1st Place:   Sawa Yamamoto, "Why do I Procrastinate?"
Beginner Level
1st Place: Ryosuke Taniguchi, "Why Play Games?"