Let's Travel


OUS Japanese Education Course students completed a project with IJLP students
The Japanese Education Course is in its third year of offering Japanese language teacher training. During their first year, they take introductory classes in Japanese language education. In their second year, they learn to create lesson plans. In their third year, they observe Japanese classes both in person and online and design lesson plans based on their observations to use in class.

On November 9 and 16, students enrolled in the Japanese Education Course completed their first class with students in the Intensive Japanese Language Program (IJLP) as part of their teacher training. The student trainees designed a class project titled "Planning a Trip with a Theme." First, the IJLP students were broken into eight groups. Each group chose a prefecture in Japan as their destination. Second, they researched their chosen prefecture and came up with themes such as "Snowy Wonderland Getaway (Hokkaido)" and "Delicious Strawberry Adventure (Okayama)." Third, they discussed ways to make their destinations attractive and affordable. Fourth, they made posters and presented their finished work to other groups to receive peer feedback. Each group showed exciting excursions such as "an Enjoyable Skiing Trip," "a Beautiful Trip in Pictures," and "Wonderful Sceneries from Above."

Throughout the project. the student trainees spoke with the IJLP students, asking and answering questions in Japanese to "create as many opportunities as possible for each student to communicate in Japanese." It turned out to be an excellent opportunity to discover IJLP students' talents, such as their drawing skills and designing posters. The student trainees were very happy to hear IJLP students' comments about how they enjoyed the project.