Online Language Exchange with The University of Findlay


On Saturday, November 5, the Okayama University of Science (OUS) and the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio, USA, held an online cultural exchange activity between GLOBOLA members and Findlay students in their third year of studying Japanese. Two days earlier, students in the Japanese Language Teaching II class in OUS’ Faculty of Education did an activity with Findlay’s first-year Japanese language students.

The November 5th activity started with an icebreaker game. Students did self-introductions followed by a “Two-Truths-and-a-Lie” question, GLOBOLA members in English, and Findlay students in Japanese.

Next, GLOBOLA members gave mini-presentations in English about student life, such as class schedules, cafeteria food, and fast food. After each presentation, participants broke into groups and discussed the topics in Japanese. Students from both universities were surprised by the similarities and differences they discovered.

The event ended with final words, smiles, and a commemorative photo.