"Making a Change" for the Better


OUS and Mapua University “Flip” for Their Second Online Cultural Exchange Activity

On Wednesday, October 12th, 22 students from the Okayama University of Science (OUS) and Mapúa University (MU) in the Philippines kicked off this year’s Flip activity with an opening ceremony organized by the OUS Global Center and MU Office of International Careers and Exchange Program entitled “Making a Change.” During the ceremony, Ms. Maekawa, director of OUS Global Center, delivered an open message. Participants gave self-introductions, shared their goals for the activity, and received a brief walk-through. The ceremony ended with Ms. Karen Vivien Conducto, Coordinator for International Students at MU, delivering the closing message.

Flip is one of several activities OUS and MU hold jointly. This year’s Flip is unique because it is an eight-week, 30-classroom-hour activity where students can earn academic credit for their participation. Furthermore, besides Zoom, students use two additional classroom communication programs:

Flip - participants post videos, and others comment or ask questions. Similar to Instagram, except participants log on as a class.

SpatialChat - virtual social gathering space with tables and chairs where participants can move around and converse with others within “hearing distance.” Participants also log on to SpacialChat as a class.

This year, participants will learn about seven people from different parts of the world who took action in unique ways to solve social and environmental problems to lead their communities, countries, or other people to brighter futures. The participants also share their ideas about the leadership qualities and abilities needed to do the same for their communities. The stories are:
  1. Ada’s Violin
  2. Manjhi Moves a Mountain
  3. Wangari Maathai: The Woman Who Planted a Million Trees
  4. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
  5. Raychel Carson and Her Book that Changed the World
  6. Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story
  7. Dr. Jose Rizal
This Flip has three activities:
Activity 1 - Asynchronous Discussion
Participants will either read an online book or watch a read-aloud video on YouTube. They make a 3-5 minute speech video of themselves responding to questions about the stories and post it on Flip.

Activity 2 - Synchronous Discussion
Participants meet on Zoom to discuss their feeling about what they read, how they identify with the people in the stories, the ideas gained from reading, and their opinions on what they can do for the future.

Activity 3 - Synchronous Discussion
Students meet on SpatialChat to enjoy free, casual conversation - in English and Japanese - about various topics, including K-pop, cooking, or even learning Japanese. 

Flip will end with a closing ceremony on Monday, December 12th.