Japanese ⇔ French Connection


OUS and Lycée Bartholdi held Online Cultural Exchange Activity
On Monday, May 23, a workshop was held for students at Okayama University of Science and Bartholdi High School in France to create Tanka poems online, with poet Nabetobisko as the instructor. A total of 30 participants, 10 OUS students and 20 high school seniors studying Japanese at Bartholdi High School, participated in the workshop. After an explanation about Tanka, participants played an ice-breaker game. Bartholdi High School and OUS students then divided into groups and worked together, filling in blanks to complete Tanka poems. At the event's closing, Bartholdi High School students shared what they would like to do when coming to Japan, and OUS collaborated to create a Tanka poem.
This Zoom event's purpose was for Bartholdi High Schools students to communicate using the Japanese they learned in class. OUS students enjoyed the activities and said it was fun to work with Bartholdi students and that it was a valuable experience for them. The Bartholdi students were pleased and commented:
  • "It was difficult, but OUS students were kind."
  • "It gave me a chance to know how Japanese people think."
  • "I was happy to understand what OUS students were talking about."