Online Cultural Exchange with Chihlee University of Technology


OUS and Chihlee University of Technology held Online Cultural Exchange Activity 

On Friday, May 20th, 54 students from Okayama University of Science and Chihlee University of Technology in Taiwan came together for the first of two online cultural exchange activities organized by OUS Global Center and Chihlee’s Department of Applied Japanese in the College of International Business and Foreign Languages. Activities included self-introductions, an icebreaker game, “Two Truths and a Lie,” introductory presentations about both universities, and discussions about student life. The breakdown of participants was 32 Chihlee students and 22 OUS students: ten from the Secondary Education Department of the Faculty of Education, six from the International Baccalaureate Certificate Program, and six from various programs who volunteered to participate.

The purpose of the event, held on Zoom, was to allow Chihlee students to converse with native Japanese speakers. Chihlee’s Japanese language teacher, Ms. Saeki, said that the students were all freshmen. Though they were very nervous, they were happy that they could converse with OUS students and were able to enjoy the experience.

The second event will be on Friday, June 17th.