OUS - Mapúa University English Party


     As of this writing, the global count of confirmed cases of coronavirus stands at 13,228,636 (, forcing universities across the globe to cancel programs that allow students the opportunity to travel abroad and experience the cultural diversity the world has to offer while furthering global friendship and understanding. One such program is ‘English Camp,’ a four-week program offered at Mapúa University located in Manila, the Philippines, where Okayama University of Science students have visited twice.

     Despite the obstacles posed by the coronavirus, nine OUS students and 17 Mapúa students come together for an English Party to talk, share, and exchange ideas using Zoom. The nine students are participants in Lunch Break English, a program organized by the OUS Global Educational Center where they meet Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 12:30 – 13:10 for casual English conversation. The English Party is made possible through the efforts of the Global Education Center and the Office of International Careers and Exchange Program at Mapúa University.

     The English Party began July 6 with an Opening Ceremony where students were able to meet one another and placed in buddy groups of one OUS student and two Mapúa students. The party consists of four meetings themed:
  1. My Favorite Things – students talk about their favorite things and discover what they have in common.
  2. Tea Ceremony – OUS students tell their buddies about the Japanese tea ceremony.
  3. Popular Foods – OUS and Mapúa students separately give presentations about foods popular in Japan and the Philippines.
  4. Be My Guest – each student presents a video of their favorite place on OUS and Mapúa campuses.
      From the first day of the English Party, the students of Mapúa University have been very friendly, show they care about our students, and do an excellent job of encouraging them to speak. Past OUS students who went to Philippines to participate in Mapúa University's English Camp have returned with new confidence in speaking English, heartfelt memories, and a desire to return. The party concludes with a Closing Ceremony which will take place on July 17. Students from both universities will receive a Certificate of Participation.