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(For Okayama Campus Faculty)Partial Resumption of On-Campus Classes and Extracurricular Activities


May 15, 2020
To Okayama Campus Faculty,
Educational Promotion Organization
Student Support Organization
Partial Resumption of On-Campus Classes and Extracurricular Activities
Yesterday, the COVID-19 State of Emergency was lifted in 39 prefectures, including Okayama and Kagawa. However, as the threat of the virus has not fully disappeared, it is necessary to remain vigilant.
As previously announced, Spring Semester 1 classes are basically conducted online. However, following the lifting the declaration, on-campus classes (regular class) will be in session for some experimental and practical subjects (including graduation and special research) and practical subjects (requiring workgroups). We have instructed students who are unable to attend classes who were visiting home over spring vacation or commuting from prefectures that are still under State of Emergency to contract their instructors in order to continue online classes and/or receive assignments. Please be prepared to work with those students individually.
On-Campus Classes and Extracurricular Activities
1. If you wish to have classes on campus, use the mylog questionnaire function to apply for permission to the Director of the Educational Promotion Organization at least three days prior to starting class. (As for extracurricular activities, we advised students to receive approval from the Director of Student Services Organization. Please assist if you are an advisor.)
2. If you wish to have classes on campus, please contact students via mylog. Students who are unable to attend classes due to situations regarding COVID-19 should be given the opportunity to continue online classes and given assignments so they are not at a disadvantage.
3. Students will be required to fill out the "Health Monitoring Sheet" on mylog daily in order to continue taking classes. Please encourage them to do so before lectures. However, do not reject students who have not yet provided the information.
4. Avoid the "Three Cs” ** to prevent infection.
5. For extracurricular activities, students must use classrooms, etc. where constant ventilation is possible, and number of participants should be no more than 50% of maximum capacity. Please pay the same attention to activities outside the school.
6. Wash hand frequently; the meeting place should be equipped with a sink or antiseptic system
7. Activities may not take place in prefectures still under State of Emergency***, allow visitors from other prefectures, nor include overnight lodging.
8. In addition to the above, please follow "Measures against COVID-19 Infection Guideline for OUS Students."
9. Students must always wear face masks. Advice students who cannot obtain masks to go to the Health Management Center to receive one. However, the numbers of masks are limited.
10. If there are students who show signs of any symptoms related to COVID-19 or have had close contact with infected people, contact the Student Affairs Office (086-256-8432) immediately.
*Students who are currently outside of Okayama prefecture to return home for spring vacation, travel, job hunting, or on-the-job training, are instructed to do a self-check-up to ensure that they are healthy. When returning to Okayama after passing designated health check areas, students must wear a mask and avoid “Three Cs” when traveling.
** Avoiding “Three Cs” – refers to avoiding Confined spaces, Crowded places, and Close contact with people."
*** Prefectures still under State of Emergency: Hokkaido, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo (8 prefectures as of May 14, 2020)