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The Department of Biological Chemistry will expand its program and become the Department of Biological Science in the new Faculty of Life Science in April 2022.
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Challenging the issues in life and the environment that confront modern society through interdisciplinary study in science, engineering, agricultural science, medicine, and pharmacy.

Essential points of the Department of Biochemistry

Acquire basic knowledge and hands-on training in applied technologies, with biology and chemistry as the two pillars.
Aim at understanding the phenomena of life through knowledge and technology of biochemistry.
Developing the ability to play an active role in each field of life, food, and the environment.

Knowledge and skills related to bioscience and biotechnology are essential to solving modern social issues like health, food, and the environment. Students study new academic fields in this department, immersing themselves in science, engineering, agricultural science, medicine, and pharmacy. Initially, biology and chemistry form the two pillars, and by acquiring the basics of both disciplines, students aim at developing an understanding of life phenomena and the development of applied technologies. Students also study various fields, including gene-modification, functional foods, development of new drugs, and environmental measures to advance as human resources who can demonstrate skills and knowledge in society. Through these programs, students develop a series of humanity that respects the dignity of life in harmony with nature.