Engineering Project Course

Engineering Project Course

The Engineering Project Course will stop accepting students in 2022.

Discover the enjoyment of engineering through a practice-centered curriculum, in which you can learn manufacturing across a range of departments.

Essential points of the Engineering Project Course

Students can study their fields of interest from among all subjects in the Faculty of Engineering.
Students will gain valuable knowledge and experience through “manufacturing” from the 1st year while acquiring credits.
Students may choose their graduation research topics that go beyond the limits of the Departments.

This course fully responds to the message, “I want to make things!” Through careful instruction from 15 instructors with a maximum of 20 students, we support students' academic development for three years. Students can take courses in various departments in the Faculty of Engineering and earn credits in the “manufacturing-centered" project courses during the first three years. Students are expected to identify the subject (project) they are interested in by their 3rd year, choose a research laboratory across a range of Departments, and extensively study the subject chosen in the 4th year. Curriculums are devised to naturally acquire broad perspectives and knowledge of engineering in general while mainly focusing on the direction/field of their interest.