Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology

Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology

The Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology will become the Department of Applied Chemistry in April 2022.
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Learn applied chemistry and biology and use knowledge in aqueous environments and cosmetics. We develop human resources that contribute to research and manufacturing that are useful to society.

Essential points of the Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology

Thorough instruction in chemistry and biotechnology from theory to application.
Choose a specialized field from among four courses, including aqueous environments and cosmetics, etc.
Provide a basic curriculum, considering the high school knowledge level.

Chemistry explains and unravels molecules that makeup substances. Biotechnology delves into gene modification and fermentation, utilizing the vital functions of living organisms. Deepening understanding of these two categories, students learn about the chemistry applied to environmental issues and life, such as aqueous environments and cosmetics. Experiments in basic chemistry and biology are incorporated into each 1st and 2nd-year curriculum themed on analyzing water, microorganisms, and cells. The most up-to-date experiment and research equipment such as DNA analysis devices and gene-modification experiment rooms and equipment including electronic microscopes and mass spectroscopes prepare students for the future. We develop human resources who will play an active role in research involving pharmaceutical products, foods, cosmetics, the environment, and the manufacturing industry.