Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

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OUS will restructure the Department of Biomedical Engineering in April 2022 to train students to acquire Clinical Engineering Technologist Certificate.
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We prepare students for various fields in medical engineering with problem-solving skills that will play important roles in the future of medicine.

Essential points of the Biomedical Engineering Department

Students gain knowledge in the integrated fields of engineering, medicine, and biology.
Students' education range from basic theory to skill-building with the most advanced research and knowledge of technological development in engineering and medicine.
Graduates of the clinical engineering course are eligible to take national clinical engineer exams.

Engineering makes great contributions to the development of advanced medicine. Therefore, engineers knowledgeable of medicine and biology are vital to the health industry for developing and operating complex equipment and devices. In this department, students immerse themselves in the interdisciplinary fields of medicine, biology, and engineering to acquire the knowledge and skills to further the technology and use of medical equipment such as artificial organs and ultrasonic diagnostic devices. Students are also exposed to basic research and technological development related to regenerative medicine, which has recently attracted a great deal of attention. We also provide education for obtaining Japanese national certification in clinical engineering to give life-saving support in medicine. Graduates will learn from basic engineering to medical engineering to contribute to team-based care by rapidly being proficient at the latest medical equipment.