Secondary Education

Secondary Education

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English Education Course

While focusing on “English proficiency,” we train teachers for junior and senior high school classrooms who have the “ability to connect to the world” and the “ability to think.”

Essential points of the Department of Secondary Education, English Education Course

Improve critical thinking skills and the ability to express ideas to revitalize Japanese
Focus on exploration and skill-building through volunteer activities and studying abroad.
Nurturing practical English ability through ICT and active learning.

In order for graduates to become successful new teachers, we enable our students to develop the skills and abilities required for English teachers.

First: English Proficiency
In addition to aiming at achieving high scores in the TOEIC® and success in other English proficiency tests, we focus on maximizing English usage though reading comprehension, writing, speaking with logic, and being able to conduct classes in English.

Second: The Ability to Think
Students in this program will have many opportunities to lecture on international society and how people should live, and create techniques to thnk logically and convey ideas on “how should to interact with people around the world using English.”

Third: Engage with the World
We give our students the tools to learn how to engage with people around the world by experiencing studying overseas and international exchanges and impart the value of such experiences to to students.