Visit the Campus

HP Building A1, Building A2
 Building A1, an eleven-story building with a basement floor, is a multi-complex facility that supports the 
 autonomous study of students. This multipurpose and open space makes available lecture rooms, experiment labs, 
 manufacturing facilities,multimedia rooms, a Library equipped with common learning functions, a meeting space 
 which students can use freely, a multipurpose hall and a restaurant. In Building A2, west of the Building A1, 
 facilities include an information processing center,a Library and a lounge. Students can move freely between the
 Building A1 and A2 by way of the connecting bridge.

 Student Commons
 This is the multipurpose space, built to encourage extracurricular activities. This space includes meeting and 
 conversation rooms, which allow study groups to use monitors. Events held in the multipurpose hall and 
 presentation room add extra stimulus for students.

 Learning Commons
 Students can actively utilize books and materials and deepen learning in the Learning commons to the library. 
 Unlike the reading space where students read silently, discussions are permitted. We improved the environment 
 by installing movable desks allowing students to carry out various activities easily.

 There are three libraries on campus in Buildings A1 and A2, and C2. Reference materials total about 464,000
 books, journals and magazines from academic and professional worlds and a collection of DVDs and CDs. The  
 library in Building A2 contains three floors which connects to the library in Building A1 Building by a 
 connecting corridor. Our collection not only contain science and engineering literature, but also the 
 humanities and leisure reading as well. In addition to large desks, the self-study space also has individual 
 booths available.

HPPPP Science Dream Lab
 Students can utilize this lab as a practical training facility to learn mechanical processing, where
 manufacturing functions are concentrated. A professional technical staff is always assigned for consultation 
 and guidance on practical manufacturing skills.Students can tackle advanced processing of parts using machines 
 such as lathes, milling machines,welding equipment and laser processing machines, which can process acryl,wood, 
 paper, fabrics and stone. This is not used only in Mechanical System Engineering and Intelligent Mechanical 
 Engineering classes, but also for student extracurricular activities and faculty research.

 Information Processing Center
 There are three practical training rooms on campus in Building A2, with a total of 480 PCs installed.
 These PC can be freely used not only during the semester; but, also when classes are not in session and during 
 holidays (Saturdays and during long vacations). Wireless LAN access points are also available across campus.

 Large open space. The synergistic effect between the (scheduled) lawn plaza around the buildings and the high 
 ceiling, creates bright and open atmosphere.

 Maruzen Campus Shop,Okayama University of Science Shop
 This bookstore sells about 3,000 general books, magazines, reference books, manga, and stationery. 
 The bookstore also includes academicbooks and employment guides and accepts order requests. Light snacks, 
 bread and coffee are also sold.

 Restaurant Halal
 We provide Halal food which means permitted or lawful. Therefore, halal foods are foods that are allowed 
 to be consumed under Islamic dietary guidelines.