Faculty of Science

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he's one who asks the right questions.”

― Claude Lévi-Strauss

Academic Goals

Staying true to its national policy, Japan continues to be a nation of science- and industry-based development. Modern technology, with its ongoing advancement, has caused science to become a global pursuit. Faculty of Science, in response to this phenomenon, concerns itself with educating those who challenge themselves to become future researchers, engineers, educators, and other science-related professionals. Students entering this program receive interdisciplinary instruction which closely links theory with practical application and encourages building hands-on technical skills.

We seek…

Enthusiastic students who have a strong interest in building strong problem-solving skills in mathematics and pursuing truth in science.

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  • Introductory and basic mathematics and science classroom courses plus basic laboratory from the 1st year
  • A broad range of general courses in the social sciences in areas of humanities, social welfare, logic and international understanding, which must be completed by the 2nd year
  • Specialized laboratory and classroom courses in chosen area of study
  • Graduation research or special guided research during the 4th year
  • Elective courses:
    • examination preparation for national licensure or certification
    • basic data collection, documentation, presentation information skills, document creation skills and presentation skills and courses for the corporate sector


Expected Academic Outcome

Graduates from the School of Science shall enter the field with:

  • strong knowledge of the natural sciences complimented with hands-on technical skills motivated by the goal of seeking truth for the improvement of society
  • a deep respect for humanity plus a deep appreciation and understanding of the diversity of cultural intellect nationally and globally and their impact on science and its advancement
  • the ability to apply knowledge learned in chosen area of study plus a broad range of interdisciplinary study
  • skills to actively participate in society including communication and presentation skills

Degree granted: Bachelor (Science)