Faculty of Informatics

Informatics is the discipline of science which investigates the structure and properties (not specific content) of scientific information, as well as the regularities of scientific information activity, its theory, history, methodology and organization.

                                          - Mikhailov, A.I., Chernyl, A.I., and Gilyarevskii, R.S. (1966)

  • Department of Information Science
  • Department of Socio-Information

Academic Goal

Students entering the Faculty of Informatics will receive instruction on the various means in which information is disseminated to a specific audience and to society at large. With information science and technology at the core of their learning, and the ever-changing needs of society as their focus, students will learn about the development of Informatics over the years, learn about the technology that is currently available, and use their knowledge and creativity to take this science to the next level through hands-on training. Students will have 24-hour access to PC suites and laboratories in both department to support autonomous study for students. Department of Informatics has a system which allows students to train in information processing while studying in their chosen field.

We seek…

  • Socially-conscious students with a sincere interest in the intellectual advancement society
  • Enthusiastic students interested in studying information science and technology and enjoy the challenge of working across a range of fields
  • Students whose are not only willing to change with technology but can be leaders of technological change and its related fields
  • Students with a sense of ethics who are sensitive to the needs of people and public welfare

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  • A minimum of 12 or 16 credit hours of foreign language
  • 12 credits hours or more of cultural studies
  • 80 credits hours or more of required specialized courses (check preferred department for detailed information)
  • 4th year graduation research or special research arranged with faculty.


Expected Academic Outcome

Graduates of from the Faculty of Informatics shall enter the field with:

  • Ability to collect, organize and publish pertinent information based on basic information technology
  • Theoretical knowledge backed up with practical training consistent with ability to work in an entry-level professional position
  • Basic ability to read and communicate in a foreign language
  • Strong sense of cultural ethics to become a sound member of society

Degree granted: Bachelor (Informatics)